Saturday February 24th 2018

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The american dream The american dream »

This big social blob is about to explode. Or is it ? Everything has to by bought, everything has to be [...]

Apple(s) don’t grow up on trees Apple(s) don’t grow up »

Once upon a time a quite famous NY musician who said: "I've been criticized because I use computers to [...]

Digital Self Digital Self »

There's always a time when you start asking yourself questions like: who am I? where am I going to? Yes, [...]

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Here’s todays reviews »

Here’s todays reviews 01/05/2010

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Short stories: a weekly»

The frogger The frogger »

Same exit. Gate twenty-two. I am in a rush for the coincidence to gate thirty-one. And [...]

Humans reborn Humans reborn »

When it happened, I immediately felt different. The ecstasy I sensed in that genesis was [...]

Luna Park Luna Park »

Preface: Religions in the universe. Hebraism, Hinduism, Buddhism and Catholicism meet [...]

Food Health

Excude those foods from your diet »

Excude those foods from your diet

For a very effective approach to dieting, you should follow those rules: Cut off / exclude completely from your diet the following foods: 1) sugar (such as caster sugar or superfine as they call it in the USA, table sugar or sucrose) and all its derivatives 2) [Read More]

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