Sunday October 22nd 2017



Online affiliate marketing [1/3]

Did you ever tried to create your own personal blog spending money (and time!) focused on easy online income ?
How about brilliant ideas to become millionaire opening a new blog to attract millions of users with affiliate marketing products ?
If you are a newbee in this sector and you need help, here’s a summary of steps you should perform to get quickly in business, with your site and make some revenue out of it.

Ready to start ?

Well, first of all we need a paypal account, which is nice to have because all your transaction will become online and most of payments will be exchanged with this virtual bank (well, not all of them:-) but we’ll talk about that in a second time.
You don’t know what a paypal acocount is ? Have a look here and get started with your own virtual account. Oh yes, I forgot to mention you should at least have a real bank account, possibly a credit card to verify your paypal with your bank and finally you should have an email already. If you’re not there yet, don’t be afraid, you can ask some geek friends to set up one for you, or just setup an email account for free here (Google is always a good start).

Now, we first need a web site to write into, is it ? This is the easiest part, even if you will initially see let’s say around 80$ gone just to setup the hosting domain website. The hosting owner will be more than happy to setup a web space for you. Those 80$ are for real professionals hosting space domains, such as Arivooo hosts, or Lonex Web Hosting (besides, don’t forget the domain tax guide) so think first about spending 10 to 15$ per year if you just want to give it a try and you’re not interested in extra features (like https secure connections for your subscribers, marketing enhancement for your site, etc…maybe you want just to setup your own html simple plain page!)
If you want to start with the right foot, I would suggest, which is reliable and cheap solution to setup multiple domains and a nice blog template environments, in less than 10 minutes. Just upload your plugins in worldpress (see for reference, or this nice offer tutorial and keep in mind that does not allow you to set up commercial e-shops through its engine!) and your first post and you’re done.

Not yet fox, not yet! What do I write in my posts? And what if I don’t want to run a blog ?
Whether or not you have had your brilliant idea to open a new peanuts shop and sponsor it through the web, or you are a linux guru and you want to revolutionize the world with your new “Ipod for Linux”, well, just give it a go with Google search and see how many people are looking for IPod or peanuts first ! sounds you have 10.6M on peanuts and an outstanding 278M searches for IpoD…definitely you have a lot of competion there to face…
did you tried this Keyword research tool yet ?

But don’t be afraid, this is not always a bad thing. Competition makes life a bit more exciting sometime…

I’ll be back soon…on the second part…

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