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Online Affiliate marketing [2/3]

Hi again, welcome to my second mini summary tutorial on Affiliate marketing online.
Here it comes the interesting part: now that we’ve realized Google search spit out a gozillion words and we have a lot of competition out there, how do we manage to shrink down the competition and know before hand what will be the argument I’m gonna talk about on my “brand new” baby site?
It’s always nice to talk about your own ideas, but you’ll learn the hard way this is NOT how things are going over the Internet.

The Internet demand is not like a barber shop….you get in, you get the haircut YOU like most…doesn’t work that way…

Imagine instead you are the owner let’s say of a newspaper corner shop (if they exist anymore!…I mean the newspapers…:-) and somebody visit your site (shop) and asks for a newspaper (what else!) …You certainly give the customer what they want, is it ? It’s the same over the Internet, if people asks about Britney spears, Viagra, or Angelina Jolie, or Swine flu shots, you won’t give them cloud computing, do you ? Think about this because it’s foundamental to open a successful site, otherwise you’ll end up having no traffic to expose your contents to your customers…no interesting news, site is closing…sorry. You got the idea!
Now that you know, you need to target your research and use tools to build up a site (not a Flog please!) which combine interesting posts and good marketing strategies. A good start is Keyword elite, which is costing 179$ but it’s worthed the money you invest. The database the application is pulling out statistics is coming from google ads, but you have some charateristics that makes the product fast and reliable to use on a professional level in this field. You can start from SEOtool at the beginning, for free here, which gives you all those funny ranks, competitions, stuff that you’ve been waiting me to mention since the first post.

What comes next, is the affiliate marketing program. This works slightly different in US and in Europe. Those companies, affiliate marketing sites, sell CPA (cost per actions) advertisements. In other words, they are people who collects ather companies commercials and they use you and your site to land and promote those commercials. The good news is that you can use whichever promotion campaign you like (there are so many you need to have a look by yourself). Start with for example, and make a subscription as an affiliate. When one of your friends is reading your articles in your blog or within your site, and clicks on one of your promotional links referring to product A, then those users will be redirected to the marketing page referring to that product, and if they buy the product A you are sponsoring, then you will get paid a commision for it through the affiliate marketing program you’ve been subscribed to (in this case clickbank will pay you the commision of product A). If you don’t sell anything, you don’t get paid.
Now, some of those affiliate marketing sites are free and easy to access and subscribe. Others are not that easy, for three main reasons:

The first one is that you should really have some experience in selling and promoting products, or at least you should not be new to this activity.

The second one is that you should be really targeting specific products within your site, and you should have somebody dedicated to you – yes, a real person! – helping you out to make those promotions profitable at some stage (you still want to make money, or not?) through your site. This entity will be your affiliate marketing manager, that is working with you to grow your business and targeting your needs. This has to be upfront a volume of visitors that visit your site every day (in other words to get your affiliate manager assigned you need to build an interesting site first! and attract some subscribers)

Thirdly, to get subscribed to those affiliate marketing companies, you should be aware that when you get paid, than you need to pay….yaix! You need to pay taxes on it, which is let’s say “unpleasant” considering you did all this work by yourself and you maybe are searching for an extra income excluding your official monthly salary (if you have a job).
If you don’t have a job, then it’s even worse. Most people complain about paying taxes on something that is, I recogn, a work of art, no more no less that an ingenious way of generating profit thorugh products that already exists out there.
Plus, general media (such as TV and newspaper) are paying ridicolous taxes on commercials to hammer (you) consumers throughout the world, and affiliate marketers knows that very well.
Why then should I pay so many taxes on promotional messages, banner ads, just for few $? Well, there are people that makes a living with that…like incomes with 7 zeros!

Therefore, be aware that if the marketers believe you want to escape taxes they won’t accept your request:-)))

Sometimes talking to them directly is the best way to clarify things, if you are still convinced you want to succeed in this business.

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