Sunday October 22nd 2017



Online Affiliate Marketing [3/3]


Welcome to my 3rd mini post on affiliate marketing. We now should have a blog setup (I will spend some more time in another posts about blogs differences like photoblogs or phlogs, mobile blogs or moblogs, audio blogs, etc.. ).

To launch your first advertisement campaign, you should have a marketing strategy, and a scientific plan on how you’ll be able to succeed in your campaign, despite your current traffic volumes (people that are linked through your site, basically your own community, your friends!) maybe still not very high at this point in time.

A very good boost on your volumes can be determined only through a good plan and support for your next campaign. One out of many interesting programs to insert advertisements and market campaign promotions is on Google (strange isn’t it:-) and is called Google Adwords.

It works in few simple steps:

1) Open an account

2) Create a new advertisement campaign in your favourite language (you should target your specific audience through parameters like geographic location, language, religion, gender, range of age, etc. depending if you’re targeting kids with playstation or ladies in the 40th with skin an wrinkles issues:-)…you get the idea)

3) Insert the text of your advertisement

4) Insert the keywords you’re interested for your advertisement (this is very important! remember Keyword elite ?)

5) Select the CPC (cost per click), aka how much you are able to pay upfront for each click of your potential customers (people that are searching your keywords through Google)

6) Set up and decide what’s the initial monthly budget (aka the maximum amount of money you can spend per month advertising your brand new campaign).

7) Your advertisements will be published in just few minutes.

The whole procedure is automatic and you need to go through a wizard form template pages to complete, therefore setting up your first campaign should not be a problem at all.

Have a look in and subscribe now! It’s very important to do this one week before you’re planning your first campaign just to get you subscribed and ready to market on the web.

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