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The secrets of the perfect diet

Sometime it happens, after loosing some extra pounds or stones :-(( we gain the weight back again and we feel miserable. about it.  There can be a number of causes, from distraction to stress, but there is only one solution:  whatever worked in the past is the best guarantee for your next success!

The secret of loosing weight without stress and hassle is coming out of a mixture of unique elements: personalized diet, constant medical support, self control.

You might have the freedom of choosing from a variety of food intake every week.

Out metabolic rate can be naturally fast or slow.  Some can eat every kind of food and they don’t gain a pound, others instead might have some problems with fish and chips, or Mac burgers, even if once a week.

In order to accelerate your metabolic rate, believe it or not, you need to eat 5 to 7 times per day, just smaller meals! When you eat carbohydrates and fat (let’s say for example chips), you’re increasing 10% your metabolic rate, in order to burn that fat/carb mix. When you add proteins to the same meal, you start increasing your base metabolic rate by 30%. Of course, if you are overweight or obese, you can feel sweating when you’re eating so much of a pizza or few burgers, just because your metabolism react fast trying to pump up your metabolism to burn that entire intake.

Sometimes it’s too much, and not only an overweight person is less responsive and never feel  satisfied (a study proof s that nervous system transmit emotional and physical satiety only 40 minutes or more after the first bite,  in obese subjects, 20 minutes for norm-weight) about the meal, but he’s not able to store properly the food intake in energy to spend throughout the day (in fact the excessive energy sooner or later is stored in fat).

For those reasons when you exercise, you need to consider two different tpes of activities:

  • anaerobic (without oxygen!) exercise (e.g.: bodybuilding)
  • aerobic low intensity exercise (e.g.: cycling)

Within aerobic activities, the oxygen intake (you’re still breathing, aren’t you?) provides a massive help to burn out calories.

In summary, to start dieting the proper way you must follow these rules:

  1. Do NOT starve!
  2. Eat a lot of small meals (6-7 per day)
  3. Eat proteins with every meal

Now, you should find combinations carbs and proteins from the following food stream: (it’s just an example!) eggs white, fruits, meat (preferably chicken or white meat), pasta, vegetables, and fish.

On average take those values as a reference for not starving your body!

  1. carbohydrates min 60gr. every day
  2. Proteins (1 gr. x lb. when you are exercising with heavy training (e.g.: bodybuilding), 1gr. x Kg (2.2lb) when you’re doing light activity – light running, cycling 20 mins a day, etc…)
  3. Very little fat (remember 1gr. of fat is 9-10 calories!)

Your daily intake should be something like that (depending on your base metabolism):

20% fat, 40% proteins, 40% carbs

25% fat, 45% proteins, 30% carbs

Also, note that LEAN MEAT (even the leanest one!) has around 60% of FAT! And only 40% of proteins.

Fish instead, has a maximum of 6-9% FAT total! Even the fattest fish you will ever eat has this max amount of fat. 96% is proteins!

Some shocking facts about digestion, if you’re not already enough surprised!

CHICKEN is digested only for 67% max (33% is wasted! and the body discards it, you know how :-)

FISH is digested 78% max with higher quality absorption and faster digestive process

EGGS (white) are digested 88% (only 12% is wasted!)

This is a very GOOD reason why you should mix your protein (and carbs/fat) intake throughout the day to get the most of it!

Excluding carbs from your diet (the so called ketosis, or absence of oxygen in the blood) is starving the body and is collapsing the whole human body system.

Blood is carrying water and oxygen (your body is 75% WATER and blood is 95% WATER! amazing!) and if you drastically reduce the fuel (carbohydrates, aka sugar) in your blood stream, you can not carry water and oxygen to the muscles properly.

This is acting like salt in a pond: you are DEHYDRATING and starving the body to an extent where all parts are trying to drain the few water (that without sugar is not retained properly) from the muscles to survive (blood cells are totally recycled around after 2 months).

As a rule of thumb, you should drink about 0.027lt of water per kg (let’s say if you are around 70Kilos you should drink 1.9 lt of water, if you’re 100kg, you should drink about 2.7 lt). This may vary depending on activity you’re doing during the day.

Have a look here for reference.

So it’s good practise NOT to:

  1. training for too long or too much throughout the week
  2. dieting for too long
  3. excluding carbs from the diet
  4. adding sodium to the diet (e.g.: salt)
  5. not drinking enough water

The ketosis starves the body, and burns the muscles, storing a massive amount of toxins which could affect us in the long run.

Training too much, will also revert an anabolic activity into catabolic, which basically means instead of producing growth and differentiation of cells and increase in body size (anabolism is a process that involves synthesis of complex molecules, including the growth and mineralization of bone and increases in muscle mass), you’re training so hard you’re ruining your fitness and dismantling what you’ve build up in so many priceless efforts to improve yourself.

Over the next post, we’ll get through nutritional vitamins and essential minerals/supplements for your diet.

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