Sunday October 22nd 2017



Making money with Youtube


this post will try to explain a method to make some revenue through ads in YouTube.

There are three steps to follow to be able to gain some money:

(1) Select your favourite videos from YouTube, following these criteria:

  • Do not consider videos with less than 50,000 views.
  • Check on statistics & Data the current views (they should come regularly for that video)
  • Be sure that no other links or ads are already present in the description of the video (usually besides the right hand side of it; ads in the video itself are usually in a form of point and  click banners)

(2) Contact the video owner (click on the right hand side, where the nickname of the user is selectable) and kindly ask him/her through a personal email to sell you the video account (login and password). Tell you are an Internet marketer, and remember to use paypal for any transaction, as it will be safe for you as a buyer (generally PayPal gives you more guarantees as a buyer rather than a sellers). In average the responce can result in one over 3 attempts responce/successful transaction (30% success). The account can be aquired in a range from 100$ to 200$ for an average 50k – 100k views videos. These are only reference numbers. It is unlikely to pay off more than a 500$ – 1000$ in exchange for a 1M – 2M views per video. Don’t ask to owners which have already banners/ads on their video, evidently they know what they are doing:-).

(3) Once the account is yours, put your ads in,  your landing page or your site as a description beyond the video frame, promoting anything related to the video, in order to maximize the selling, as usual.

Have a look to this software designed to increase revenew through increased views of your videos, in case you have already spent time and effort to create them and you own an account.

This link here, guides you instead through the secrets Of YouTube, increasing your search engine optimization (SEO) parameters, using videos as a marketing tool and mastering how to reduce inefficiency in order to save you extra money and time.

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