Sunday October 22nd 2017



The frogger

Same exit. Gate twenty-two. I am in a rush for the coincidence to gate thirty-one. And off we go. Short trip I thought. Surprisingly on the arrivals the scenario wasn’t even similar to the one I had left before we took off. Firstly, the airport, it was very small, enough space only for one Terminal. Secondly, the hot weather when I was approaching the exit made me thinking of being in the tropics. I could not believe my two big eyes.

A native asked me to go for a little walk on the shore, not too far from the airport. We ventured on a small raft of straw securely woven, with only a small wooden paddle as a rudder. I thought to myself  I was not too sure about our destination. I was feeling a bit anxious because of the water moving faster and faster. We were wading along the shore and the little straw raft was slowly crumbling under my feet. The native who was with me suddenly decided to jump on a big trunk which passed by dragged by God knows what mysterious power which continued to speed up the river.

In a fraction of a second, determined to bend my wobbly legs before the sinking raft, I took a decision: ready, steady, go! An incredible jump and I was with him to roll over that wet and slippery piece of wood. I tried to maintain balance in the opposite direction to the native’s rolling as I could. It was much harder than I thought.

Some pretty hungry crocodiles turned against us. The indigenous tried to stick together two trunks floating beside us to improve the precarious balance and ensure at least not be eaten alive, while the beasts already surrounded the trunk we were standing on. Everything seemed absurd, when I suddenly realized we were arising towards the other end of the river. At that very moment I decided to jump on a knotty head of an ugly crocodile. Finally I was across the river. The native however, still remained balanced on the trunk. Not far from where I was, I saw him disappear with the stream. I hoped he was saved, but I was confident that he definitely had the better of those prehistoric animals. At least they did not eat me.

Suddenly…right in front of me, not far from the bank branches that divided the shore from the mainland, the heat of a wide and busy road, so large I could not even see the end of it. I tried to cross as best I could. I was all damp and sweaty. The mould of the trunk was attached to my ankles and the glare of the sun caused a mirage from the asphalt. They were not the best conditions for a trip! One step forward, and suddenly in the distance a large articulated truck, came by playing his horn loud.

I could not believe he did not very nearly kill me, but I was now in the middle of that road with very much no chance to cross. And I had to cross somehow! Right, left, cars everywhere. It’s getting more and more absurd. I barely could see a long wooden gate barring the exit. I thought that could put a traffic light at least.  I jumped back, then forward again. It was absolute delirium. I finally took one of those weird exists. I thought it was some sort of cave. Once inside, in fact, you could not see anything. I stood there for several minutes, only the muffled sound of cars from afar, and my heartbeat afraid. Perhaps hours, I do not know.

I suddenly woke up and I was still in the plane. The captain announced that we were approaching our destination. My mom told me to turn off that crazy game of mine, the frogger. So I kept my racing frogs for the next level, for a while.

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