Sunday October 22nd 2017



Downloading from sharing websites

We all saw the “kim dot com” website and his search engines (btw it wasn’t him actually making the engine, consumer users and developers wanted a faster searching engine for efficient results). The era of the rapidshare came, and all the other jazz..file upload, filesonic, rapidgator, you name it.

Lots and lots of issues with dmca and legal actions have been taken and they are still ongoing for soe of those download sites, but they certainly make money on it.

Try to make a statistic of the traffic load those filesharing websites have and how much money they can make not only with users subscriptions.

Also affiliates who wants to go for the lucrative business of sharing anything online can be profitable. The game is simple: you share a webpage which links to those “share” for free contents websites. When you download the big data, the sharing website gives you a commission, depending on the traffic you are able to send to them through your blog or website.

Most share-cash sites declares themselves as revolutionary, next-generation upload sites, where you get paid enough cash for every download you get! They say they offer the highest payouts per download, as well as a set of great tools, tutorials, and support. And they can reach up to 40/80 cents of some currency per download…They have a solid affiliate system where refer users get as much as 10% of what they earn, and premium membership users “downloaders” can make the “uploader” earning even 30% commission on premium downloaders!

In this scenario, you do not break any rule, and no copyright or pornography is involved…because the contents are not physically on your webpage. You just share the links to them. Then it’s a different story if you can access the content for free or via previous credit card details.

Those blogger are paid by megabyte downloaded. The more users comes to their blogging site for downloading from any of those big data storage, the more those companies pay off the affiliate blogger.Easy uh ?

this is the ain reason lots and lots of websites with miracle links to any sort of software or video or data for that matter appears on the internet.

I bet your next move will be to become affiliate with them and start sharing your own pirate material (ops…well it’s not your own or is it ?)…good way of making money out of others who makes money from others who makes the final product…what a pyramid structure…it’s always working even in 2014! Wow.


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