Sunday October 22nd 2017



3 effective ways to diet success

First you need to understand what is wrong with your body!

It might be only physiological or physical. I can help you to get to the bottom of it! Take a simple picture of yourself (completely undressed with only underpants/slips/bra on) and describe on a piece of paper what you don’t like about your body. Also notice from the picture (not from you… looking at the mirror! it has to be you looking at your picture! please do not post any picture on this website, take it easy steps:-) what you would like to change and how you rate your perception of being not right (can be too tall, too fat, too skinny, etc). That’s already a huge start for mastering your future success in life!

Second you need a plan. In here I will give you some simple instruments to monitor your diet without going crazy with calories counting (at least this is the first approach) or strenuous fitness training sessions. It will work!

Third, you need to know what to eat! Remember if you lose weight you will regain it! It’s a matter of time but you probably will! It’s because humans don’t like to “lose” something down the road…it’s a psychology 101 really. You should aim to a new eating regime instead. We’ll go through the differences between losing (or gaining) weight and new eating regime.

That’s all fox for now!

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