Sunday October 22nd 2017



Excude those foods from your diet

For a very effective approach to dieting, you should follow those rules:

Cut off / exclude completely from your diet the following foods:

1) sugar (such as caster sugar or superfine as they call it in the USA, table sugar or sucrose) and all its derivatives

2) bread and yeast

3) pasta and rice

4) cheese and all milk derivatives (as in cow milk)

5*)  moderate meat (red or white)

6) potatoes

I will update within other posts with more details on the big “why” but I think there is enough material for discussing already at this stage.

1) Sugar is obviously one of the most scary things invented by modern food industry. It has an ancient recipe and I invite you to go and have a read in wikipedia for chemical and historical hints on how and when. However there is not nearly enough literature on the fact that is absolutely a damn killer for your health when it comes to discussing pros and cons of it. I will try to find this out to you in later posts, just to proof how bad is that and how it conditions your life in every aspect (did you know that half of the hamburger of any food chain restaurants you are eating in (or take away:)) is made of caster sugar ? what about the beverage you’re drinking…you think that “nil sugar” on the label means “only water in it” ? Well think again…did you see the colour of it ? and why does it taste so good then ?)

2) There is an actual scientific debate ongoing over the pros and cons of the use of gluten or gluten free (even worse!) and different types of yeasts used in bread making (or an kind of pastry or white.brown flower based food). Well in this section we should open a looong discussion on the different components of gluten, of the yeast and different types of it, and of course the different types of flour you need to live, based on your blood type for example. There’s a lot to discuss in this field!

3) Pasta…for an Italian fella like me there’s nothing else better than pasta! Once, I was used to say I couldn’t live without it. Today it’s a different story! I tried rice (even the brow one… you should stay away from it particularly!) but again loong discussion on starch and amid  you should reduce or eliminate the intake all together.

4) I love cheese but how can I say it : only calves digest milk and it’s not good at all for human being! Stay away from it! any type and form! And from people saying is good for calcium and good quality proteins…Will come back to that, but if you want eat cheese prefer some without lactose (such as Parmesan cheese well seasoned).

5*) Meat is one of my favorite arguments… well if you’re vegan I don’t have to explain. But I am carnivore (as in many industrialized countries) and it’s only a matter of attitude towards food (did you ever think about eating only meat you can kill with your own bear hands ?…just a thought). We’ll come back to that, as there is a profound psychological barrier to overcome, in order to shift towards vegetarian approach and lower down our aggressiveness even talking about this argument alone.

6) If I exclude all foods from 1 to 6 what do I have left to eat ? Just for your knowledge there are vegetarian foods that might be intolerant to or allergic to, depending  on the auto immune disease we suffer from. Just to give you an idea, who suffer from colon ulcer might develop intolerance to spinach, potatoes, pepper, aubergines, tomato, etc. A full discussion on Solanaceae will be covered later on in other posts.


This is only a start! See you soon in next post!



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