Sunday October 22nd 2017



The american dream

This big social blob is about to explode. Or is it ? Everything has to by bought, everything has to be used and consumed as quick as possible to create a virtual space for another thing to be eaten, cracked, violated and killed. All is about squeezing so much juice out of your life to the end of your days. Did I ever get a pension, or even will I ever retire? We are living in an era where the employee “uses” the job to live and the employer uses the worker to get the job done. We didn’t even perceive the difference between a modern job and a “primitive” job (there is no baker anymore, only enquires for “bakery store manager” as if the bread would make itself every morning).

The industrial society wanted more mathematicians, lawyers, banking managers, engineers, psychologists. And this very society collapsed as soon as it was in its infancy. It took just 50 years of industrial revolution to destroy it all, to the very core. Science and mathematics, laws and economics have been arisen to the highest ranks to be later consumed, damned and confined to their inutility.

They have no value in front of a collapsed country where people are living in anger and fear to lose their jobs (most industrialized countries have 1 out of 3 people on the road, or politely…unemployed, right now). We’re all living in nations struggling for profit, trapped within the same economic system, apparently revolving under the same strategies for the miracle new booming growth and yet incapable to escape from it. The prison of mindfulness.

People are trapped inside their life experience, thinking about their next job, or their current unhappy life, unhappy job. Who can save them from the very object they contributed to build on their lives? Thinking their money can save them from any problem. As in the best communist paradox the job you relied on for years has no value anymore, and companies are using your work to consume your vital resources. It is not a casualty the change in semantic from “slaves” to “human resources”, don’t you think? Those classes of people are certainly a good recipe for a brand new modern slavery demand.

Most of us have relied on money, communication and house security (you can never forget to bring money, phone and house keys with you). All of this is wiped out. No job. No life. No money, house or communication. And yet even if the system is a total failure, driven by self isolation, un-security and poverty, there is no end to embrace the rebuilding, nourishing and growing back again of the modern industrial bubbly society that has just been destroyed. Why? Society is trapped and madly in love with their own objects and the projections of those objects in real life. Objects can be a job, a social position, or something material like a car or a house. Think about the way people perceived the idea of having a car 10 years back, or today having a house for example.

Think about having the new iphone or whatever the heck is supposed to be endorsing your “real” role in this society. Is that your idea of having that object or is somebody else’s? Well then, the American dream is always renewing and apparently one step ahead of all of us: if I can reach the love of my life, if I only can be in love with the job I have then I’m on top of the game (does it vaguely sounds like the mule trained with the carrot?). And I will have the key to success. Of course if you direct all towards the object of your love you will excel, no doubts. Again the American way…if I can fix it somehow, I’ll be the best of all and it really works.

When they say you follow your passion and your instinct…What if somebody else hacked into this idea of you and injected its own idea on how things should be done, and what passion you should have? The problem is you maybe think your ideas are exactly coming out from your brain, but is it really? People are starting to see the path to the change, and today they are talking about their care and compassion for things is suddenly becoming attachment to experiences. Are those experiences what you really meant to live? Or is what somebody else’s mind brought to you and you are just falling into their net? Obviously you aren’t going to change anything until you face it, and you aren’t gonna change either if you don’t face it. Decide what you really want in life, with your own mind. Finding your mindfulness and live your own present is the tricky bit. You could be a baker, a fishmonger, or just a person. An uncorrupted person who can change the world, just being whoever is meant to be. Not the mirror of the modern society, not the person against the system. Just you. Be you. Your freedom. It is the best thing it can ever happen in your life.

See you in the next post…if you will still be there. Or I will.


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